With All Good Intentions

Enjoy this Place in Space

Propelled by cosmic forces, the new millennium brings with it the potential pathway for advanced spiritual awareness.  Living Sky has taken this opportunity to reach out and share simple lessons by ways of encouragement, blessings and love. These offerings may assist us as we take part in a global healing, enabling us to live a more meaningful existence and to celebrate our lives while we are here on this Earth.

Cherl Crews, Founder

In what seems like many lifetimes ago, the seeds for the Living Sky Foundation were planted. These seeds have been nurtured by the will to restore our lives back to a Utopian-like society; a society where all people are ruled by love and compassion; inspired by trust and honor; governed by the will to do good by each other; dedicated to serve the earth in an endless mission;  and  to lead healthy, creative, and a fulfilling existence.  Governed by the sun, the moon, and the stars and ruled by the planets, our intentions are   to simply regain a sense of direction in our constant effort to re-store balance in nature and re-unite in our sacred connection to Mother Earth. Thus began our conscious decision to protect and celebrate every living thing under the sky.  We hope you will join us in this dance and commit to our motto… Enjoy this Lifetime. 

“The Artist embraces what others only dare to see”
-Living Sky

LSF Governing Board Members 

Cherl Crews – Executive Director

Michelle Almond – Assistant Director


Teresa Boardwine -Treasurer



Laura East -Secretary


Dawn Andreoni ~ Co-Official

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