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Living Sky Foundation brings inspiration to the classroom with palatable lesson plans and simple programs for teachers and home instructors.  

Students are encouraged to take part in a soul~full awakening on a de~light~full path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-discipline.  Each presentation instills healthy convictions and introduces viable communication skills that are essential to living a peaceful existence with self and the world around us. Students explore their own sacred creativity with each lesson that is presented to them.  The results are brilliant, and we come away with a true a sense of accomplishment and pride, as well a valuable offering to share with our communities.  

All lesson plans are pro-active and take an optimistic approach on life, igniting self-esteem and imagination and correlate with the K-12 National Standards of Learning as outlined by the Department of Education.

Please contact Living Sky Foundation for more information about our available lesson plans, subscriptions or programs, or to schedule your student, school or youth group for participation in our home-school instruction, classroom projects, creative workshops, resident driven community art projects,  or to obtain classroom materials.

All written works, images and subscriptions created by Living Sky are copyright protected.  All rights are reserved.  Use or reproduction in any way should be obtained by written permission only from the artist or her representative.

LSF Featured Programs 


Earth Allegiance

      ☼ ♪ 


Environmental Conservation

Earth Allegiance is dedicated to the proposition that all creatures are created equal. With this vision we unite all people of the world through a common pledge. Earth Allegiance was inspired by and created to emphasize the urgent need for continued environmental and wildlife conservation for all life forms, many of which are already endangered or on the verge of extinction. It is in recognition and support our national and international parks, as well as the other countless organizations and individuals in our communities that dedicate efforts to preserving and protecting nature. We encourage others around the globe to come together in celebration and commitment and use this pledge as a template to illustrate the myriad of endangered species native to their own parks and backyards.

Fundraising Material Available.   

The Garden  

☼ ♪ ❤


The Art of Agriculture

As caretakers of earth, we continuously dedicate our efforts to the environment, support wildlife, habitat protection, community recycling efforts, beautification projects and watershed protections.  The benefits of individual and community gardens are demonstrated.  Local farms are introduced in an attempt to know where our food comes from, and the nutritional benefits of consuming fresh, organic ingredients are illustrated. Through this program we promote local commerce as a viable community resource. “From the Farmer First”.

Soul ❊ Shine

☼ ☯ ♪ ✪


Recreation and Wellness

As the heart beats, the soul shines. Restoring physical, mental and emotional health through the benefits of regular physical activity, diet and outdoor interaction. As society increases the acceptance of technological recreation, we witness decreasing numbers of people of all ages participating less in outdoor activity and personal interaction. This program will focus on youth, disabled and elderly participants and assist them to establish a daily regimen that will instill essential elements necessary for optimal health and well-being.  Through positive example of self-initiated behavior, participants will be empowered to take charge of their daily health habits, and personal  communication skills.



        ☯ ❤


Art as Therapy

The “Process and Understanding of Letting Go through Self Expression”.  Celebrating the art of existence.  Art is used as a tool for wellbeing, social transformation, education, communication, and exchange. Participants of all ages learn how to recognize and identify with their feelings and express them through color, line and form. We explore emotions, thoughts, patterns, dreams, reactions and interactions through the technique of spontaneous painting. Through this approach we engage in visual communication and creative expression as a process of non-confrontational sharing of internal & external experiences.


Project Pledge

✪ ☼ ☯ ❤


Responsible Global Citizenship

Expanding our fence lines. By embracing a global community we awaken our true potential.  In this program we motivate individuals to be active role models in their homes, schools, neighborhood, country, and world. Participants will reflect on what it means to engage in service and to be responsible citizens of the earth. Through opportunities for habit protection, beautification projects, and spirit connectedness  we can understand how even the smallest individual effort influences change.

Subscriptions available.

La’ Jollity

♪ ☯


Performance Arts

La’ Jollity; the art of wisdom and good living.   La Jollity is the state of being Jolly.  Instruction is provided in the application of various performance arts in three rings of fun. The apprentice will choose from age and agility appropriate ground activities and circus arts.   This workshop is available for private parties and events.     

Lessons in Earth Guidance

♪ ❤


Creative and Cultural Enrichment

Humility, virtue, positive character traits, proper ethics and good family values are reinstated through simple lesson plans selected from the “Enjoy this Lifetime Library.” All lesson plans are pro-active and take an optimistic approach on life, igniting self-esteem and imagination, and correlate with the K-12 National Standards of Learning as outlined by the Department of Education. 

Subscriptions and Fundraising Opportunities Available                


SPAC Gallery

    ♪ ☼ ☯ ✪


Artist Sustainability

Living Sky Foundation recognizes and supports new, emerging and independent talent and offers services to aspiring artists, musicians, dancers, poets, actors and craftsman in the process of establishing their creative expression so they may freely support themselves. The Sperryville Artist Cooperative “SPAC” is an artist owned and operated studio and gallery that showcases local and regional fine art, handcrafts, and unique gift items.   Events include artist demonstrations, and exhibits, youth presentations, workshops, community offerings, musical performance and special events.  

Studio, project, or classroom space, and artist residencies are available.

Red Tent Community

  ♪ ☯


Wise Woman Tradition 

The red tent provides a safe, public forum where women are always welcome, nurtured, respected and honored.  We come in our female bodies to celebrate our divine feminine being.  Our solidarity is based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns and here you are encouraged to share with and advocate for other women, strengthen community bonds, fortify trust and compassion,  and create positive change in the world.  We encourage you to host a Red Tent at your next public event.      

Available to facilitate a red tent sacred space for private events, festivals and gatherings.  

  Visit our Facebook page-  Roaming Red tent Global Community      


Programing Areas of Focus Key Code

☼ Environmental Stewardship/ Ecology

♪ Creative Cultural Enrichment

✪ Leadership and Service

☯ Holistic Health and Wellness

❤ Compassion and Gifting






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