“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

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Earth Allegiance

Written by Cherl Crews

Living Sky Foundation in the Classroom

Mural Design and Artwork Created by Students

From Belle Meade, Hearthstone, and R.C.E.S.

Rappahannock County, Virginia

Art Direction: Connie & Tim Friesen; AVEC ARTS

Calligraphy: Davette Leonard

Gifted to the Shenandoah National Park

In Honor of their 75th Anniversary

Skyline Drive, Virginia

June 2011

©Earth Allegiance is Dedicated to the Proposition that


With this vision we unite all people of the world through a common pledge. This community art project created to honor Earth Day, was designed to emphasize the urgent need for continued environmental and wildlife conservation for all life forms, many of which are already endangered or on the verge of extinction. It is intended to recognize and support the National Park Service, as well as other countless organizations and individuals in our communities that dedicate efforts to preserving and protecting nature. Illustrated here are only several of the over 500 known or likely known species native to the Shenandoah National Park and surrounding areas which can be found listed in the Biota of Virginia Database as a “Concern for Conservation” by the Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service or vafwis.org. We encourage others around the globe to come together in celebration and commitment and use this mural as a template to illustrate the myriad of endangered species native to their own parks and backyards.   

Watch Video of the Mural in Progress

“As our children learn, so too are we taught, and thus our children become our teachers”                       

Living Sky

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Earth Allegiance

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Earth Allegiance

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