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I Am Free To Be Me”

“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

Lessons in Earth Guidance

Talk of Love; Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Reverence, Humility, Mercy, Patience, Endurance, Charity, Trust, Acceptance and Accountability are presented in the following lessons:

1.   When I Was One

2.  I Love You Tooo Much

3.   I Am Free to Be Me

4.  I Am Not Alone

  1. 5.  The New Vibration

6.   Washed Away

7.   Don’t Eat That Cow

8.   Multi-Colored Me

9.   In This Moment

10.  Lessons in Compassion

11.   Earth Allegiance

12.   One Love

  1. 13.  Hippy promise

  2. 14.  Accept Love

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