“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

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Living Sky Foundation is a contaminate free, community based, educational, non-profit  501(c)(3) organization in support of children and the living arts.  Our goal is to eliminate stress and dis-ease, and to promote healthier living and better lives by creating a joyous, simpler existence, a pure life. With all good intentions, we serve the earth in our mission to raise awareness to the benefits of sustainable, organic agriculture in a constant effort to reduce a toxic inhabitance. Some of the contributions that the Living Sky Foundation provides to it’s local communities include: Music, Art and Instructional Programs designed and created to serve the planet, as well as to fuel families with knowledge and simple tools that will assist in efforts to awaken the spirit, restore balance in nature, conserve natural resources, support local commerce, and promote responsibility for ideal citizenship. We assist Young Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Poets, Actors and Craftsman in the process of establishing their creative expression so they may freely support themselves.  Fundraising materials, music and art supplies, gardening tools and library books are donated annually to local schools and other non-profit organizations.  We continuously dedicate ourselves to the environment and support wildlife and habitat protection, community recycling efforts, beautification projects and watershed protections.  All of this is made possible with Love & Light.

Living Sky Foundation is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination under any circumstance.  WE Embrace All, as one human family, and do not differentiate between any species, race, religion, color, creed, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age. 

Living Sky Foundation 

PO Box  122

Washington, VA 22747- 0122



Twelve years and many lifetimes ago, seeds for the Living Sky Foundation were planted. These seeds have been nurtured by the will to restore our lives back to a Utopian-like society; a society where all people are ruled by love and compassion; a society that is inspired by trust and honor; a society that lives by the will to do good by each other; a society that serves the earth in an endless mission; a society that strives to lead healthy, unselfish, creative, and a fulfilling existence.  Governed by the sun, the moon, and the stars and ruled by the planets, our intentions are to simply regain a sense of direction in a constant effort to re-store balance in nature and re-unite in our sacred connection to Mother Earth.  Thus began a conscious decision to turn off artificial light in our attempt to protect and celebrate every living thing under the sky.  We hope you will join us in this dance and commit to our motto:   ENJOY THIS LIFETIME 

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