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Earth Allegiance Hemp Prints Available

Earth Allegiance

Commemorative Edition 

with $25.00 Pledge

Shipping included (within continental US)

12’’ x 18” 2 sided color print

back of print

Earth Allegiance

Block Print Edition

with $25.00 Pledge

Shipping included (within continental US)


Propelled by cosmic forces, the new millennium brings with it the potential pathway for advanced spiritual awareness.

Living Sky has taken this opportunity

to reach out and share simple lessons by ways of encouragement,

blessings and love.

These offerings may assist us as we take part in a global healing,
enabling us to live a more meaningful existence and to
celebrate our lives while we are here on this Earth.

Enjoy This Lifetime

Living Sky

“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris


© All Rights Reserved

Living Sky 2017

Embracing the Spirit through Self Expression and Hands on Learning



Sperryville ARTist Cooperative


Living Sky Foundation is an educational organization in support of the living arts and is committed to being a culturally diverse organization helping to improve the quality of rural existence through social change, public outreach, continuous learning and youth leadership.  The Sperryville Artist Cooperative evolved as a music and art showcase for new, emerging and independent artists who celebrate the natural beauty and farmland heritage of  Virginia’s Piedmont region.  Based out of Sperryville Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains,  the artist cooperative is now home to a group of aspiring artists.  Once you see the wealth of talent springing forth from this sleepy little town you may understand why we live here.  In addition to the scenic natural beauty that we have come to love and protect, there is no shortage of creative influence.  We are proud to feature experimental, innovative and un-censored art that stretches the boundaries of what is considered traditional, judged or status quo in the “art world”.

Located in Sperryville’s River District

3 River Lane, Studio 1a

Sperryville, VA 22740



Open weekends 11 am to 5 pm or by appointment

Support Living Sky 

Sperryville ARTist Cooperative in Sperryville’s River District