“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

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I pledge to Honor the Earth.  To walk lightly upon her and be mind full of each step I take in efforts to conserve and preserve and keep pure our soil, water, air and all living organisms.

I pledge to pick up litter on all my traveled paths.  This will keep garbage from reaching my waterways, creeks, streams, rivers, banks, bays shorelines and oceans.

I pledge to preserve and re-create back yard habitat in efforts to protect all wildlife.  I am aware that all of life is preciouses and each species should be treated as endangered. 

I pledge to walk, jog, run, dance, swim or ride a horse or bicycle instead of driving my car whenever possible to conserve our precious energy sources..

I pledge to be mindful about using electricity. I will turn off switches and pull out electrical plugs when they are not being used, and I will use candle light or natural instead of artificial light when possible. 

I can rise with the morning light and lay down with the stars at night.

I pledge to familiarize myself and discover new ways to utilize alternative sources of energy, like solar or wind, for my needs.

I pledge to reduce water waste by wearing my clothing more frequently between washings, and keep a designated drinking cup, to not water my yard or wash my vehicles in excess and to make use of collected precious rainwater.

I pledge to conserve our natural resources and preserve our forests by sourcing tree free alternatives for paper, building materials and hard goods to use in my home, school and work place.

I pledge to make an attempt to minimize my waste by living more simply, to reduce my consumption, to reuse items before purchasing newly manufactured ones, and finally to recycling each item at the end of it’s life. 

I pledge to keep a recycling center and backyard compost at my home, school or office for minimizing the amount of garbage that must be put into a landfill.

I pledge to support local commerce, home grown, and hand crafted items in an attempt to know where my food, clothing and household necessities come from.

I pledge to honor my body and be well and nourish myself with only good herbs, fresh air, clean water, exercise, rest and love.

I pledge to keep toxins out of my body, soil and water and use only chemical and pesticide free, organic ingredients in my food, nutrients and fertilizers.

I pledge to be active in my community and a voice to be heard in local government in an effort to make myself and others aware of greener growing practices and environmentally-friendly (eco friendly) alternatives in attempt to build a wiser, more educated and informed society.

I pledge to embrace my spirit, to rejoice and celebrate in my sacred creativity, to give freely of my contributions and to make the world a better place in ways unique to me.

I pledge to honor all brothers and sisters of this earth.  I will act only with compassion, and share only love.  I will embrace, support, and encourage everyone I meet.  There will be no talk of hate.

I pledge to… give thanks for each waking moment, to stand tall, be proud of who I am, play, dance and sing each day away.

I pledge to “Enjoy This Lifetime”

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