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Lessons in Earth Guidance

The Living Sky Foundation brings inspiration to the classroom with palatable lesson plans for teachers and home instructors.  Students are encouraged to take part in a soul~full awakening on a de~light~full path of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-discipline.  

Humility, virtue, positive character traits, proper ethics and good family values are reinstated through simple lesson plans selected from the “Enjoy this Lifetime Library.”  Each presentation instills healthy convictions and introduces viable communication skills that are essential to living a peaceful existence with self and the world around us.

The students are encouraged to explore their own sacred creativity as they illustrate each lesson that is presented to them. The results are brilliant, and we come away with a true a sense of accomplishment and pride, as well a valuable offering to share with our communities.  All lesson plans are pro-active and take an optimistic approach on life, igniting self-esteem and imagination and correlate with the K-12 National Standards of Learning as outlined by the Department of Education.

All written works and subscriptions, created by Living Sky as presented in the “Enjoy this Lifetime Library” hold a copyright in the Library of Congress.   All rights are reserved.  Use or reproduction in any way is by written permission only from the artist or her representative. 

Lessons in Earth Guidance

Talk of Love; Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Reverence, Humility, Mercy, Patience, Endurance, Charity, Trust, Acceptance and Accountability are presented in the following lessons :

1.   When I Was One

2.  I Love You Tooo Much

3.   I Am Free to Be Me

4.  I Am Not Alone

  1. 5.  The New Vibration

6.   Washed Away

7.   Don’t Eat That Cow

8.   Multi-Colored Me

9.   In This Moment

10.  Lessons in Compassion

11.   Earth Allegiance

12.   One Love

  1. 13.  Hippy promise

  2. 14.  Accept Love

“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

Cherl Crews  is an artist, a dancer and a writer. Better known as Living Sky in the artist community, she has combined her talents by introducing Waldorf- based, home school instruction, inspirational lesson plans, and enrichment programs designed to enhance the quality of life, health and well being for over two decades.

 Please contact us for available lesson plans for home school instruction, classroom projects, creative workshops, to schedule your school or group for participation in our programs or to obtain classroom materials.

The Living Sky Foundation offers educational supplements and supporting

information in the following areas of health and wellness.  Provided upon


1. Healthy Diet

2. Benefits of Vegetarianism

3. Living Dioxin Free

4. Green Schools Initiatives

5. Environmental Sustainability

6. Reducing Consumption/Living Simply

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