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Volunteers, Members, Sponsors & Partners

In The Neighborhood, our friends are your friends. Operating as a 501(c)(3) organization, Living Sky Foundation welcomes and encourages  partnerships.   As a Contributing Member you will have the honor and the privilege of watching our circle grow wider, our love grow stronger and our light grow brighter knowing that your tax deductible contribution has helped us un-pave the way to a better planet.  In addition to being an active supporter, you will have access to the living library and all of its resources, including inclusion on our web sight, portfolio recognition on our featured artists page, early notification and invitations to annually sponsored events and productions, promotional materials, subscriptions to our educational supplements and more. Volunteer opportunities are always available, assistance is always needed and funding is always vital.      

Volunteer  Opportunities

Opportunities available for youth groups and individuals who are seeking to contribute their talents through programing and volunteer service. Interested members and participants should contact us for more information.

Assistance is needed in the following areas:

Programs, Workshops and Productions

Illustration, Design and Marketing

Grant Writing and Proposals

Community Outreach

Membership Drive


Support Living Sky 
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Living Sky Foundation has many projects in the works including plans for an outdoor amphitheater and a community center for the arts, as well as new and exciting summer programs. Please check back with us often to see how our garden is growing and remember that your membership or donation assists in the manifestation of our vision and brings with it good Karma points and free hugs.

“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris

              Blessings, Love & Light

                       Living Sky & Family Bright

In Memory of Emily  Jane  Hilscher



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We are a member of

Red Tents In Every Neighborhood Global Network. Now  facilitating Rappahannock Red Tent. We  welcome the circle of the Goddess where wise tradition will carry on.