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Support Phamilies On Tour

In our attempt to support aspiring and brilliant talent, Living Sky Foundation has established an artist sustainability program we call SPOT. “Support Phamilies on Tour” or “S.P.O.T.”.  Support Phamiles on tour began with the idea to showcase new or beginning artists and musicians who diligently display their art out of the backs of cars, off card tables, or milk crates, on street corners or parking lots, or from their homes for lack of a better showplace. Street art has always been prevalent in cities where main stream traffic is abundant, but gained new momentum with followers of the infamous band the “Grateful Dead”, who’s ongoing music tours provided a venue, which has come to be known as “Shakedown Street” helped to establish many street artists and vendors from around the globe in tabling their wares from coast to coast. These traveling art shows has grown with a now abundant list of music and art festivals and has transformed some of these nomads from boxcars and buses to into festival tents and showrooms.  Still, many of these artists have no permanent gallery or display but deserve representation and accreditation because they are living out their dreams as the true, self taught artists, unafraid of critique or prestige.  Living Sky Foundation is proud to offer these artists and musicians a place to call home where they can share, and even sell their art while they travel on or off the tour of life.

Living Sky encourages all Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Poets, Actors, Craftsman, Gardeners and Dreamers to live out their vision and rejoice in sacred creativity and to be able to lovingly sustain themselves by celebrating their talents. Not that there is anything wrong with the starving artist syndrome, we know that inspiration is feed by circumstance, but our motto is, “ENOY THIS LIFETIME”. You can help to support your local folk by buying directly from the individuals where you live, “From the Farmer First”… so to speak.

As a member of the Living Sky Foundation you are encouraged to share or express your passions, artistic skills, unique talents and Home-Grown Love with us, and be united with others around the globe doing the same.


"Matchbook Art" Damian DeGiosio

If you are interested in more information on being a featured artist, or supporting this program,

please contact spot@livingsky.org.

“Where The Sky Is” by Myra Harris


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